Why do an asset inventory?

An economic development asset inventory provides key information, data, and statistics for your local area, including population, demographics, economics, health care, K-12 and higher education opportunities, weather and climate, homes for sale, available commercial properties, transportation infrastructure, utility providers, taxes and regulation info, financial services and more. All the most commonly requested data all in one place.

Many economic development departments and organizations already have an economic development website they’re happy with, but struggle to keep the data, statistics, and community information on the site up to date. We take care of that with an Asset Inventory page that we build, host, maintain, and keep constantly updated on our website. Then you simply link to the page from your site–it’s that easy!

Check out some samples:

Greenlee County, Arizona

Sierra Vista, Arizona

Safford, Arizona

Silverton, Colorado

Silver City, New Mexico

Moab, Utah


We also do economic development websites, actively managed with full webmaster services, hosting, and no startup costs ever, for just $799 a year. Get a website and asset inventory for just $999 a year, and we take care of everything!

Click here for a sample of an asset inventory fully integrated with one of our websites (here’s another sample)

Next Steps…

Get an Economic Development Asset Inventory for your city, town,  county, or region today! Take the lead in making vital economic, demographic, and local community information readily available in an easy-to-access format geared toward site selectors. A great resource for grant-writing too!

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